Supporting Wildlife Rangers 

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

In partnership with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) this project will improve the ability of rangers to protect giraffes and other wildlife within Hwange National Park.

Hwange NP spans 1.4 million hectares — an area equivalent to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon national parks combined. It’s protected by only 127 Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife (ZimParks) rangers.

Nearly 1,600 giraffes roam freely in Hwange National Park and the adjacent landscape — almost 20% of the entire giraffe population in Zimbabwe. IFAW and Save Giraffes Now will help increase protection for giraffes and other wildlife in Zimbabwe through:

  Improved counter-poaching training for ZimParks rangers — to detect and stop poachers before they kill

• Increased monitoring of giraffe populations within the landscape, including evaluation of mortality

• Better case management of wildlife crimes to bring poachers to justice

• De-snaring the park

• Preventing the use of cyanide at wildlife salt licks and watering holes

Save Giraffes Now is supporting the IFAW-ZimParks partnership so that by 2025, there will be highly-skilled wildlife rangers, sufficient infrastructure, and effective operations to reduce or eliminate illegal killing and trade in wildlife.



Supporting Wildlife Rangers in Zimbabwe


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