Save Giraffes Now works with partners across Africa on conservation programs that make a difference for giraffe in the wild...


Our Mission

Our mission is to save giraffes from extinction so they can live freely
and safely in the woodlands and savannas of their native Africa.

The Silent Extinction

Giraffe population decline in the last 3 decades
0 %
or more of giraffe infants won't survive to adulthood
0 %
times as many elephants exist in Africa as giraffes
square miles of historic giraffe habitat lost, an area ~ the size of the US
Photo by @Kieran.Avery

Save Giraffes Now supports on-the-ground programs that take concrete action to prevent the extinction of giraffe.

Sensitive, social, and friendly – these iconic gentle giants may be a head above the rest, but they’re also a lot like us!

We need your help now.
Your donation will save the lives of giraffe.


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