Save Giraffes Now Featured in The Independent

In an article titled “A silent extinction:  Elephants, rhinos, and giraffes among endangered species facing fresh threat during global pandemic” author Louise Boyle outlines the struggle wildlife are currently facing due to the conservation funding crisis that’s been occurring due to COVID-19.

Sadly, as the article highlights, seven giraffe were found dead within a matter of days in Murchison National Park.  

Save Giraffes Now President David O’Connor explains why giraffe are particularly at risk, stating “…conservation projects for giraffes are several decades behind other at-risk species. The discovery that there are four distinct species was made just four years ago.”

Visit the link below to learn more about the Save Giraffes Now project in Murchison National Park that is helping decrease the deaths of the critically endangered Nubian giraffe due to entrapment in wire snares. Wire snares cause severely debilitating wounds resulting in permanent injury or a slow, agonizing death.



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