Save Giraffes Now Partners

Save Giraffes Now works with incredible conservation partners and allies across Africa and around the world
in the vital work of saving giraffe in the wild NOW, and in building support for giraffe conservation.

Conservation Partners


Giraffe Allies

Guadalupe Laiz is an international artist, photographer and conservationist. Her body of work from her book Horses of Iceland has been exhibited worldwide. Guadalupe’s work continues to evolve focusing on an ongoing project highlighting African wildlife, as well as an exploration in Antarctica and the Nordic countries. Some of her new work, which include giraffe, can be found on her website.

Freelance multidisciplinary designer working in a wide range of mediums for an even wider range of clients. Joseph Basnight has worked with a number of clients including Nike, the Smithsonian, Anheuser-Busch, OpenStack, as well as a number of independent clients. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, daughter and two dogs that unknowingly help him out of creative ruts by excitedly agreeing to go on hikes.

Kathy is a visual storyteller and conservationist connecting people with wildlife and nature through her photography and stories. Her images touch and inspire people to care about each other and our planet. Kathy believes caring builds compassion and compassion informs positive change in the world. “When we save wild places, we save ourselves.”

Claire is the founder of mission-based fragrance company, Malibu Apothecary, creating cleaner candles for a cleaner Earth by donating 20% of their sales to coastal and wildlife conservation. Each coastal candle is inspired by places she has traveled and since inception, has been placed in over 40 stores globally with partners such as Sony Pictures, Hilton, Kimpton, Cayman Islands Board of Tourism, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Save Giraffes Now, and more. Claire serves as a consultant to the Global Wellness Summit.

Spartina Imports, based in North Charleston, South Carolina, and Denver, Colorado, imports superlative South African wines. They represent independently owned wineries that follow sustainable and fair labor practices, with a commitment to low-intervention wines. Minimal in the field, minimal in the bottle. “It’s time Americans were let in on the secret that is great South African wine.”

Tribu Travel believes in the power of travel and that true self-discovery is found in the pursuit of new experiences. Tribu Travel curates travel experiences in remote destinations for the curious traveler, including specialized giraffe itineraries. “Find your next adventure with Tribu.”

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