Photo: Jessica Davis
Save Giraffes Now Projects

SGN invests in projects that help preserve giraffe from extinction in ten African countries. All SGN projects on-the-ground are community-led by local people to the maximum extent possible.

We have projects that support each of the four species of giraffe –  Reticulated, Masai, Northern, and Southern – as well as the people living alongside them.

These projects include:

  • Giraffe rewilding and reintroduction in Kenya, Niger, and Zambia
  • Giraffe rescue centers and orphanages in Kenya, Botswana, and Zimbabwe
  • De-snaring, anti-poaching, canine units, and rapid response teams in:
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe
    • South Sudan
    • Uganda
    • Kenya
  • Population studies, satellite tracking and applied conservation research projects in South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda
  • Working with partners on research to develop techniques to increase welfare of wild giraffe during crucial rewilding and re-introduction operations





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