Give the Gift of Freedom -- Help These Giraffe Sail Home

After becoming extinct in the region, these critically endangered giraffe were re-introduced to a peninsula ten years ago for their safe repopulation of the area. Due to unexpected rising lake levels, the peninsula turned into an island and the giraffe need to be brought to their new expansive home on the mainland. Please join us in this race against time to safely transport and relocate them in Ruko Conservancy.

$25 – Will buy a week’s worth of mangoes for all the giraffes on Longicharo island. What a treat!

$50 – Will help us build 30ft of the new Ruko sanctuary fence, the giraffe’s first home on the mainland after they leave the island.

$100 – Will keep the boats afloat for a month! The Ruko Rangers use the boats to ferry giraffe supplies to the island, to provide security and ensure the giraffe’s safety.

$500 – A month’s worth of nutritious food and dietary supplements to ensure the Ruko giraffe’s overall health and wellbeing… as giraffe can’t survive on mangos alone 🙂

$1,000 – Due to the relentlessly rising lake levels and flooding, the Ruko Ranger Headquarter buildings have been badly damaged and need to be moved and rebuilt.


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